Welcome to Port-Cros and Porquerolles, he first Europea marine national park

This is above all a marine, coastal and insular national park. It is the first national marine park created in Europe and is the symbol of the issue of global concern about the conservation of marine biodiversity. Off-shore action requires means and specific, numerous material and human skills. The Port-Cros National Park ensures, which is exceptional in France, the full direct management of the areas that are entrusted to it by the State and the Conservatory of the Coastline. So it acts as project owner.

The Port-Cros National Park exercises the responsibility of the Island of Port-Cros but also on the Island of Porquerolles, on the peninsula Giens, the Salins d’Hyères (salt marshes) and the cape Lardier,and lastly within the framework of the international sanctuary of marine mammals Pélagos (video).

Even though the areas protected and managed are more restricted than other national parks, Port-Cros must face the influx each year of 2 million visitors throughout the concerned areas.

It has a natural but also a considerable cultural and historical heritage as shown by the numerous military forts. Some of these are very attractive for visitors but they also mean very high costs for maintenance and development.

Also, the public enterprise manages the prestigious Botanic Conservatory of Porquerolles responsible for the conservation of Mediterranean plant varieties and species.